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The Three T’s of Buying


We tell you the truth. Since 1968 we’ve learned a lot about the industry and about our clients. Grounded in being truthful with our clients, we developed a special knack for understanding you. The Kleinberg Process provides truth about how we sell diamonds and settings. Read more about the Kleinberg Process here.


Our new and existing clients trust us. We do not carry a large inventory of diamonds. This helps us avoid the pressure to sell what we have. This means the decision on what type of diamond you want starts with you, not us. You get what you want, with us truly on your side to help you through the process.


We’re transparent. Our motivation is to help you find what you want based on your taste, not ours. Our process and motives are openly discussed. This approach builds long-term relationships. We aim to have a transparent relationship with all of our clients.

theKleinberg process